Koh Chang Koh Chang is the 2nd largest Thai island, named Elephant Island because it is said to resemble the profile of an elephant. Koh Chang is situated some 330 km East of Bangkok in the province of Trat and is some 40 kilometres long and 16 kilometres wide.

Tourist Attraction (Koh Chang) Koh Chang, Trat, Thailand

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Koh Chang Island
Koh Chang has several stunning white sand beaches for visitors to enjoy. Largely deserted, particulary in the south, guests can choose to either relax and soak up the sun or take long strolls along the powdery sand. There are several interresting sights around Koh Chang such as

Koh Chang Navy Operation Site

The site is located near Ao Salak Petch. In the Naval Battle, Thailand lost three royal warships and some of naval forces. The battle of 17 January 1921 is remembered. During the battle the Royal Thai Navy the French colonization of Indochina. The battle of 17 January 1921 is remembered. During the battle the Royal Thai Navyís ship, Thonburi, was sunken. The Royal Thai Navy and the people of Trat province hold memorial services from the 17th to 21st of January annually by floating garlands onto the sea in honour of those who perished during the battle.

Than Mayom Waterfall

This waterfall can be reached via Tha Than Mayom or Ban Dan Mai on the east coast. The waterfall closed to the shore can be climbed about 45 minutes via a well-marked footpath. Or walk through the durian Orchard for about 500 metres to reach the wonderful three-storey cascade of medium proportions. The view from the top is quite good and there are two inscribed stones bearing the initials of King Rama VI and Rama VII nearby.

Klong Phu Waterfall

Waterfall can be visited from Ao Klong Prao (45 minutes on foot) or from Hat Kaibae (one hour) by following Klong Prao 2 km. A 2 kilometre concrete road leads to the Marine-Park-Office. There you will find a few small restaurants and here you also have to pay the entrance fee of 200 Baht for foreigners or 20 Baht for locals. After approximately 500 metres walk, you arrive at the foot of the waterfalls which they are about 20 metres high. A pool beneath the falls is a good spot for a refreshing swim, and it is possible to stay in the bungalows or camp at that area.

Klong Nonthri Waterfall

This small waterfall is 3 kilometers from Ban Dan Mai. Alternatively, it is accessible from the National Park office through a 4 kilometers trek.

Kiripetch Waterfall

Situated south of Koh Chang, about 3 km. away from Ban Salak Phet, Ban Rong Than Rd, the small-sized waterfall is inconveniently reached. The further levels of the waterfalls are reached over a very difficult adventurous path from where you have a breath-taking view over Salak Phet Bay. No water during the drought season.

Klong Nueng Waterfall

Located not far from Kiri Phet Waterfall, the 120-meter-high waterfall is ideal for rest and relaxation. It is small but very pretty. Less water during the drought.

Bang Bao Community

It is very interesting because residents in the area build up their houses with poles pitched into the sea and the bridge reaching to every house is set up to link the community together. The Bang Bao Bay has been a sanctuary for fishing boats seeking shelter from the monsoon for over a century. It has lately become a resort and recreation area with bungalows built on selected scenic sites, fine seafood restaurants that guarantee fresh daily catches and local shops of souvenirs.

Salak Phet or Raung Than Community

Located south of Koh Chang, these fishermenís villages are largest on the island. Visitors could experience their ways of living. Bungalows, hireboats and food shops are available. . There are many piers that serve fishing boats as well as boats to neighbouring islands and Laem Ngob or fishing boats.

Salak Kok Community

The community is nearby Salak Phet community. Though It possesses no beach, its location on a lagoon is a perfect refuge for fishing boats during the monsoon. The community lures visitors with its traditional fishing village life and its temple.

Than Mayom Pier

This old pier is a 45 minutes boat trip from Laem Ngob and is a location for the National Park office. There are two bungalows as well as campsite. Apart from the beach and Than Mayom Falls, between August and September the area in transformed into a colorful market as it is a major pier to transport fruit to the mainland.

Dan Mai Pier

Dan Mai Pier is north of Than Mayom Pier. All government agencies on Koh Chang are located here. It is surrounded with fruit plantations and fishing village. There are numerous fish farms along the coastline. Its rocky beach might not be suitable for swimming.

Dan Kao Pier

Dan Kao pier is next to Dan Mai. The muddy beach here might not be perfect for swimming, but is an excellent fishing spot. The area houses the islandís freshwater resource and is a starting point for travelling to other beaches.

Ao Sapparot

Ao Sapparot pier is a little bit further from Dan Kao. Ferry and boat service from Laem Ngob to Koh Chang stops here. The beach does not suite for swimming. It is a bustling harbor similar to the Na Thon of Koh Samui, but in a smaller size. There is a local taxi service, bringing visitor to hotel and resorts. The ride starts from the pier to Kai Bae Beach. Visitor could get off anywhere along the way.

Ao Klong Son

This bay is 11 kilometer away from nation park office in the northern coast of the island. The white sandy beach is lined with pine trees. It could be reach from Ao Sapparot by a taxi service. the bay has wonderful coral reefs. Bungalows are available.

Had Sai Khao

Blessed with fantastic views, the 2-km-long beach is very popular among tourists. Bungalows and resorts of reasonable price are easily found. At the back or the beach are orchards of coconut trees and forests. The beach is easily accessible due to many roads passing to it. Swimming is possible. Bungalows and food shops are available.

Had Klong Phrao - Laem Chaichet

Linked with Kai Bae beach, the beach is shady with coconut trees. Quiet an peaceful. Ideal for personal rest and relaxation. The Long Beach is suitable for beach activities and sports. North most of the beach is located Laem Chai Chet.

Had Kaibae

Located next to Klong Prao Beach and about 15 kilometers away from Ao Sapparot pier, the steep beach has bungalows and food shops. Apart from safe for swimming, it offers the best sunset view and suits for outdoor activities. Many resorts, moreover, arranged diving to Koh Yuak, Koh Man Nok and Koh Man Nai.

Had Sai Yao
Situated south of Koh Chang and close to Salak phet bay. Long beach and it is safe for swimming also. Visitors could watch a small monument of Koh Chang naval Operations erected on Yutha Navy beach. Bungalows are available.

Koh Mak
Between Koh Chang and Koh Kood, about 40 kilometres from the main land is Koh Mak. This is a largely flat island covered in both rubber and coconut plantations with lovely long beaches. . November to April is the suitable period to visit the island in which composed of 9 islands - Koh Mak, Koh Rayang Nai, Koh Rayang Nok, Koh Phee, Koh Kham, Koh Kradat, Koh Nok and Koh Nai. The most popular activities for tourist include tracking, fishing, kayaking, diving, bicycle or motorcycle riding, firefly seeing, etc.

Other interesting islets
Because of their small size, islands nearby Koh Mak have no interesting attractions. However, the coral reef can be found between Laem Chang Noi and Koh Chang Noi.

Koh Man Nok & Koh Man Nai
This small island is situated directly in front of the southern end of Kai-Bae-Beach. It measures only 300 metres in the length and 100 metres in width. The beaches around the islands can be seen after the low tide. Also, waters of these islands are shallow and gold seaweed can be found easily there. Otherwise it is possible to reach it by boat. There is no accommodation on Koh Man Nai.

Koh Klum
This island has historical significance as it was the battleground for the Thai and French during the French colonization of Indochina. This island is a good dive site and there are corals 10 to 20 meters deep. It is also an excellent fishing spot with larger fish in abundance. The landscape comprising stone yard is worth a visit.

Koh Lao Ya
Lies at the south of Ko Chang. It is 2.5 hours away from Laem Ngob by boat. It is composed of 3 islands - Koh Lao Ya Nai, Koh Lao ya Klang, and Koh Lao Ya Nok. The transportation from Laem Ngob takes about 2 hours and a half. The islands has beautiful beaches, crystal-clear water a cololurful corals, Lao Yo Resort provide accommodation service here.

Koh Wai
Located next to Koh Lao Ya, it is a big island most of Beach which are plenty with stones and it is popular for its beautiful beach with stunning coral reef in its waters. The area occupies many bay which has beautiful beach lines and wide wonderful coral zones. Ko Wai is also the best source for fishing. As for accommodations, Koh Wai Pakarung Resort is ready to server tourists.

Koh Phrao or Koh Sai Khao
These islands were originally named because of the long lines of coconut trees on the island. It is in front of Salakpetch Bay. Both islands have beautiful white sand.

Koh Ngam
The place comprises of two islands with a huge sand knoll at the middle. Its geography is two paralleled mountains with sandy beach in the middle. The little bay formed by the lines of the mountain stretching into the sea is a splendid and serene site without storms. It takes two hours to go from Laem Ngob to the place. Twin Island Resort is situated on the area.

Koh Kra
Koh Kra is a small rocky islet with shallow fringing reef teeming with life. An ideal site for snorkellers and freedivers as depths here donít exceed 10 metres. Shallow coral gardens gently slope down to a sandy bottom that is often home to rays. Situated on the west of Koh Mak.

Koh Rang

It is a small island at the west of Ko Maak. The isle has not enough flat area suitable for the setting up of any resort and bungalow. Ko Rung is place of concessions of bird nests, Charamed eggs and batís dung. Stone knolls and deep-water coral under the sea of Ko Rung are very magnificent. Travelers normally visit the island for diving only.

Koh Kham
Just 1 km. northwest of Koh Mak is Koh Kham, travelers ride about 2.5 hours from Laem Ngob. A small island with clear seawater, coral reefs and coconutfringed sandy beaches that are excellent for swimming, snorkeling, fishing and angling for squids. During low tide a sand dune surface that links the island to Koh Mak and you can walk across to Koh Mak.

Koh Rayang Nai & Koh Rayang Nok
These small islands are opposite Koh Mak. Unfortunately Rayang Nai Island does not have any overnight accommodation available at present, so you have to stay on Koh Rayang Nok, which has clean beach, clear waters and coral reefs.

Koh Kradat
Situated on Northeast of Koh Mak, it is only island in the Kingdom provided legal title deeds since King Rama V to prevent the occupation of France at that time. Its name is derived from Alocasia (Kradat) trees on the island. It takes about 2-3 hours from Laem Ngob to visit the island. Its long and clean beaches are connected around the island. At present, foreign investors seek for the governmentís approval to develop the island as another tourist attraction.

Koh Kut (KOH KOOD)
A group of 24 islands south of Koh Chang was designated as the Koh Kood sub-district in 1990. These include the main island of Koh Kood, 9 islands of Koh Mak and 12 islands of Koh Rang. Koh Kood is the small island of Koh Chang and it is farthest island from the land of Trat. The area on Koh Kood approximately 105 sq.km. The attraction on Koh Kood is mountains, plains and waterfalls. Which the famous water fall is Nam Tok Klong Chao flows all the year thus you will enjoy to sight seeing and relax. The Koh Kood is the most beautiful white sand beach as Taphao Beach, Klong Chao Beach, Klong Hin Beach, Prao Beach and etc. The traveler can stay on the island with luxury resort and economy bungalow. Fuel and solar energy are the main sources of electricity here. Most resorts generate their own electricity.

The west coast is lined with a series of pristine beaches, sparkling clear sea, captivating views and is a great place to catch the magnificent sunset. Most of the best known beaches are along the bays which include the Ao Pak Waeng, Ao Klong Ta Tin, Ao Klong Yai Kee, Ao Tapow, Ao Klong Chao, Ao Klong Hin and Ao Prao. Noted fishing villages include the Ban Klong Mad and Laem Hin Dan. The famed Klong Chao Waterfall is situated further inland between Ao Klong Chao and Ao Tapow. This a fabulous waterfall with a large pool at its front. A 20-minute boat ride from the Klong Chao Bay plus a short hike lead to the fall. Alternatively, you can hike up the 4 kms trail.

The east coast is equally beautiful with fascinating views of the glorious sunrise. The prime areas include Ao Sapparos, Ao Klong Kwaen, Ao Yai Kerd, Ao Hin Yai and Ao Chak. Ao Salad and Ao Yai are the major fishing villages here. The Khao Paenthee is the highest hill and has just been recently discovered as a superb viewpoint for the sparkling island-dotted seas.

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Koh Chang


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